Connecting HD1500T/HD1500TM to PC

1. Use USB cable to connect the HD1500T to the PC

2. Plug in the 12V2A power supply. Press and hold the ON/OFF key until blue light is on to turn on the camera.

3. No driver installation is needed when connected to PC. Install ISCapture to adjust parameters and acquire images.

1. Start the ISC. The parameters settings are shown on the left side of the software. See Fig. 4-1.

Note: When use 'Lock WB' , it takes 3 seconds to make sure the camera finish the initialization.

2. Switch the  in 'Exposure Control' tab to get different frame rate. In Normal mode, the image quality is better than High mode. To get faster frame rate, please select High mode.

3. Functions 'Flourescence', 'Temperature Control' and 'Flourescence Color' are not available for HD1500T. These functions are gray out when HD1500T camera is attached.

1. Users can double click on one image thumbnail to display it. Click on the little triangle button to get more captured images thumbnails.

2. Furthermore, you also can select one or more images and delete them.

1. Click on  tab, get the image processing functions (Fig. 4-4)

2. Provide Focus stacking, HDR, Fluorescence Combination function ets.

Note: When camera is disconnected, all the image processing functions will be gray out.

3. Click on tab to get measurement functions (Fig. 4-5)

4. It is allowed to apply measurements to the live and still images. To get more details about measurement, please read the ISCapture software manual.

If any questions. Please Click on 'Help' to get Tucsen support information.

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