Quick Start Guide for HD1500 and HD1000-LITE Camera Series

HDMI Operation

Step 1. Connect the camera

1. Plug in the 12V2A power supply. Use HDMI cable to connect the camera to the monitor. Press and hold ON/OFF key until blue light is on.

2. Connect the mouse to the USB port. Move the cursor to get the settings on the screen.

3. Insert the SD card. Capture images or videos to the SD card.

Step 2. Move the cursor to the left of the screen

When moving the cursor to the left of the screen, 'Capture' and 'Setting' icons will appear (see image on the left hand side). Click 'Setting' to get parameter setting menu (see image on the right).

Step 3. Move the cursor to the right of the screen

Step 4. Check the photo album and videos

1. Check the album and delete the pictures.

2. Check the video and delete the video. To delete the video successfully, be sure this vieo is not in use.

Step 5. Compare preview with the captured images