Installing the MA608 Polarizing Set for ML2000 Series

Simple polarized light microscopy can be added to your ML2000 Series Biological Microscope. Polarized light will allow yet another contrasting method to be used with your microscope. It is often used to identify different types of biological or organic crystalline structures or to view stress in molded or machined translucent materials.


First, remove the viewing head by loosening the thumbscrew and place it gently on the table.

Install the smaller component which is the analyzer as shown in the photo into the limb or arm of the microscope.

Orient the analyzer so that the index mark (white dot) is facing the microscope user as shown in the photo

Re-attach the viewing head and re-tighten the thumbscrew snuggly.


Next, install the polarizer which will sit on top of the lamphouse lens as shown in the photo.

Tighten the set screw so that the main body of the polarizer does not rotate.

The installation is complete.

Rotating the upper part of the polarizer a full 360 degrees allows the user to freely manipulate the angle of light rays from the lamphouse.

Some samples or specimens will not react at all to polarized light while others may exhibit wild kaleidoscopic effects.

More sophisticated polarized light systems with indexed analyzer readouts and other niceties are usually reserved for full blown Polarized Microscopes. However, this simple and inexpensive polarized light system is perfect for occasional simple polarized requirements.